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Digital marketing is a multi-stage process with Search Engine Optimization at the forefront. Along with Social Media Marketing and quality content SEO will make a massive impact on your ROI and company growth. Your competition is focusing on Local & National SEO so you should be too.


Social Media Marketing is a strong way to grow your company and brand but it’s only one piece of the bigger picture. Social relevancy is important but that doesn’t always equal immediate conversions, plus fighting their algorithms is an uphill battle.


As they say, “Content Is King” and that holds true more now than ever. Most people are using the internet to consume content in one form or another, including online shopping. Without great content, there is nothing for your customers to relate with.


SEO was once a buzz term but now it’s one of the strongest marketing strategies available to grow a company or brand, plus who doesn’t like free traffic?! Search Engine Optimization is now a crucial part of any marketing and business growth strategy.


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Let the Consumers Come to You!

A well thought out Marketing & SEO strategy is crucial for the longevity and scalability of your business. Paid advertising is a great way to get traffic and customers but why not let Google do the work and bring the customers to you, for free?

“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” – Phil Frost, Main Street ROI

What I can help you achieve:

Local SEO | National SEO | World Wide SEO | Analytics & Tracking


1. Analyze

  • Gather Data
  • Engage Existing Clients
  • Generate Reports
  • Learn Trends

3. Test

  • A/B Testing
  • UI & UX Testing
  • Get Customer Feedback
  • Report Data

2. Implement

  • Develop Strategy
  • Set Benchmarks
  • Establish Metrics
  • Watch User Behavior

4. Refine

  • Enhance Strategy
  • Granular Data Testing
  • Create Sub Content
  • Cleanse Under Performers

What My Customers Say About Me:

Been a great experience working with Travis, I was trying to do SEO on my own for the last couple years but wasn't seeing the results I wanted. He was very easy to communicate with and taught me a lot about optimizing my website. Definitely hiring him for my next project.

Mike ShoosterOwner, SWL Inc.

The process took a little longer than I expected but once everything was up and running things started moving very quickly. Travis let me know that the industry I am in is very competitive so it was going to take a little longer to move up in the rankings. A+ service and results!

Eric StanafordMarketer, Grow Social

We were worried that the CBD market was already too saturated with new websites and companies but after Travis and his guys went to work we knew we had a fighting chance. The SEO tactics mixed with our content strategy has been a home run for quite a few niche keywords we were going for. Glad we found him!

Mike MorlinCo founder, Liite CBD

I take the time to evaluate your SERP position's as well as the competitions and create a long term and scalable strategy specifically for your business. My approach is strictly analytical and comes from years of knowledge and expertise.

Once I create and implement the Search Engine Optimization strategy I will keep introducing and producing more advanced techniques while tracking and analyzing the important data every step of the way.

Overall my years of testing and analyzing I have learned that you can’t cheat the system and get away with it for very long. There are a lot of rules and algorithms governing the way a business or individual can leverage SEO to improve the organic flow of traffic to their website. In the past, there was much less regulation and governance which promoted the abuse of loopholes and shortcuts for SEO companies wanting to make a quick buck. As these issues increased, Search Engines (Like Google) started enforcing regulations and ultimately de-indexing these sites and domains, which is ultimate SERP suicide

Google, Yelp & Bing have gotten much more intelligent and so have your competitors. Lots of local businesses have gotten wise to the free online traffic that search engine can generate and they are becoming very successful because of it.

Your company is absolutely at risk of falling further and further behind the competition if you do not have a long term SEO, Social Media Marketing & Content Creation strategy in place.

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