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The Other Businesses in Sedona Have an SEO & Marketing Strategy, Do You?

The charming city of Sedona Arizona has so many amazing things to offer its visitors and locals. With a professional SEO strategy, your ideal customers will be able to find you quicker and easier. With over 70% of traffic being on a mobile device, naturally, most tourists and visitors will be searching for businesses like yours from their cell phone before arriving, so make sure your business and location is convenient for them to find with a well-thought-out Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Search Engine Optimization is now a crucial part of any marketing strategy, even if your business is a brick and mortar establishment. Most people will search for your business on their smartphone or computer before they decide to come into the location. It’s important to make sure your website has all of the information they are looking for and is optimized in a way that makes it easy to find and easy to navigate.

I can assure you that the most successful business and companies are focusing on SEO and investing in their online marketing. It takes time and effort but if it is done properly your business will reap the rewards for years to come. SEO will generate you free traffic from Google, Bing & Yelp, 24 hours a day 7 days a week which will allow you time to focus on your customers and growing your business. Contact Me Now to get your free SEO audit.

How I Can Help Your Business

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What Is Local SEO?

Simply put, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the process of making your website and online accounts more visible to the people that are looking for the products or services that you offer. The science and implementation of local SEO is much more complex than it sounds so that’s why most companies hire a professional.

Local Search Engine Optimization can be frustrating and time-consuming because it like shooting a moving target. Google and Bing are always changing their algorithms and releasing new updated that affect the way SEO is implemented. Best practices stay the same but the technical part changes often to better suit the modern internet and to create a better experience for the customer.

How Long Does It Take For Local SEO To Work?

There is no exact time frame on how long it will take Google or Bing to correct or update your website and reflect the SEO work that has been done. But the algorithms are getting very intelligent so you can expect pretty fast results as long as the optimization has been done properly. And don’t forget, all great things take time.

There are a lot of factors that come into play when fixing SEO issues and determining how long it will take to see results. If the SEO was done well from the beginning then search engines will recognize your site as being valuable and trustworthy but if it is done wrong it will take more time to recover and prove that you are providing value to the customer.

Want To Talk About Your Website & Business?

I am extremely enthusiastic about local Web Development &  SEO, but more importantly, helping people. So if you just want to chat about your business and brainstorm ideas on how to attract the right customers to you, then feel free to Contact Me. If it’s a good fit then GREAT, if we do not have the same vision in mind then I will completely understand. 🙂

The Benefits Of Working With a Sedona SEO Professional Like Me

Working with a Search Engine Optimization specialist like me will ensure that everything is done correctly the first time so your business can reap the benefits sooner than later. At the end of the day, ROI is the main focus when hiring someone to help you grow your business so make sure to hire someone like me that will get it right the first time.

There is nothing at all from stopping you from doing SEO yourself but at the end of the day, that’s not what you should be focusing your energy on. You should be focused on your product and great customer service, leave the technical internet stuff to people like me so you can focus on what you do best.

“Successful local SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google a Google expert to provide the best search results for local Google’s users.”

Phil FrostMain Street ROI
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